Meet the Team

We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you. Let us introduce you to the staff!

Dana Flaherty

Program Director/CEO

Dana owned her first horse at 14 and fell in LOVE with the animals long before that. She started the program in 2006 and has been a para educator in the Canon McMillan District since 2014. Dana is continuing her equine education by taking lessons and classes herself.


KayCee is a 18 year old Paint. KayCee has only been with the program since 2019. She is still learning what lessons are all about. KayCee does seem to enjoy watching lessons but is not too sure about being involved yet!


Cowboy is a 22 year old grade quarter horse. Cowboy has been with the program since 2011. He is happy to help for a little while but once he has decided to be done he will pretend he is tired and stand still.


Morty is a 13 year old Arab Welsh Cross. Morty likes to do things fast! He keeps us all on our toes and is a great ride. Even though he is a pony he is a little too quick for our beginners. Mortimer has been with us since 2012.


Cinders is a 26 year old Tennessee Walker and has been with us since 2017. She enjoys having friends when it is time to play but likes to be alone during work. Cinders wants to do a good job with little distraction.


Nellie is a 19 year old american quarter horse. Nellie has been part of the program since 2018. We could not be happier to have her, she is a very sweet mare.


Mickey is a 20 year old Standard Bred. Starting to lose your vision is a very difficult thing to go through. Mickey has been doing a great job of navigating only being able to use his right eye. He is still a big part of lessons and has been since 2012.


Tater is a 20 year old American Quarter horse. Beginner or expert this girl has got you covered. She is a great starter horse but also does a good job with advanced riders. Tater has only been with us since summer 2019 but we do not remember a time without her.


India is a 24 year old Tennessee Walker/Paso Fino. With a little get up and go India has a lot of energy. Due to his energy level and being a little quicker paced, India does much better with a more advanced rider. Since 2011, when he came to us India has done very well with ground work and being brushed by even the smallest people.


Ginger is a 19 year old Pony of the Americas and has been with us since 2011. With very little encouragement Ginger will do most anything you ask. He is very easy going and usually the first pony a new student rides.


Ready for a wild ride?! Sunny cannot wait to join in lessons and will be ready to go soon! Sunny-is 16 year old Haflinger and is our escape artist.

Beauty & Winston

Beauty may be little but she sure is the boss! Full of sass and just a little bigger than a dog she is a great help to those that might be fearful of the bigger guys.

Winston is Beauty’s sidekick, they are never too far apart. Winston is still learning but is a great help in greeting unfamiliar faces.

Amy Thomson

Assistant Director

Amy grew up on a farm and convinced her father to buy her a pony. She started taking lessons at 3 years old and started teaching lessons at 21 years old. Amy is also continuing her education by taking lessons and some classes for more certifications.


Megan Dami

Volunteer Coordinator and Manager

By day Megan works as a mental health therapist, and has loved horses since before she can remember. She happened to find us in 2016 as a volunteer and has become a necessary part of the team! Megan is in charge of making sure our volunteers know what to do and know how to do it.


Julia Flaherty

Marketing and Financial Coordinator

Growing up with Dana and Amy there was no way that Julia would end up in a life with out horses. She has been involved with the program since its beginning in 2006. Julia is in charge of fundraising, keeping the books and our social media presence. If you have any questions or ideas Julia is the best contact.


Want to work with us?

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